Our First Competition

What a start! We went into this contest having no idea what it would be like. And only  really getting into smoking 4 months before we really were jumping in feet first. It was a great experience. We put our brisket and pork shoulder  in at 11:30 and stayed up all night babysitting our fire. (Quick Hint: buy a bbq guru if you enjoy your sleep). The next morning we started getting our boxes ready to present. The worst part of a bbq comp is box turn in the best time is after box turn in, luckly this was a IBCA competition so there was no garnish necessary . We went in to the awards ceremony just expecting to see who won and what we needed to do to improve. Amazingly we took a third in tri-tip and 9th in beef ribs at of 47 teams. Heres are some pictures of the event

Posted by Andy Allen.

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