Rooftop BBQ Rub trials

I just got back from a weekend in Lake Havasu and sampled some great BBQ there. Congrats to Brazen BBQ and IAB 30 on GC and RGC at the Hava BBQ Competition.

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what’s going on with Rooftop Barbeque. Last weekend we did a trial on our new pork rub, along with doing some practice on our ribs. We took 6 racks of ribs and used 3 different rubs; our normal commercial rub we’ve been using, a new commercial rub we’ve been wanting to try, and our new rub that we’ve been developing. We smoked the ribs over cherry chunks provided by our sponsor Fruita Wood Chunks. After a few hours of smoking we wrapped the ribs in foil and  tried a couple of different ingredients in the foil with them. I can’t tell you what worked best but I’ll  tell you what didn’t make the cut, it was the ambrosia sauce from Knox spices. Though it was good it wasn’t as good as what we found. If we ever change the recipe or it doesn’t do well in the next few competitions I’ll let the cat out of the bag. A couple of hours later the ribs came out and  we did a blind taste test with our families. All the ribs were great but  our new rub came out on top in the votes. So last tuesday we sent in the recipe to our co-packer and it’s being made as we speak.

In the next month be looking for rooftop rub for sale on our online store. We wanted to kick off our rub by doing a special promotion. Once we announce the launch of Rooftop Rub the first person to place their order will also receive there choice of the “God Bless BBQ” shirts. Keep checking back to be the first one to try the new rub.

A special thanks to our sponsors IGrill inc. and

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