ACM BBQ Throwdown Results

Rooftop was kept pretty busy at the Vegas competition this year. Not only was the team competing but we also had our first ever vendor booth to sell our BBQ sauce and launch our jam and rub. PLUS Andy was asked to cook in a celebrity cook off.

BBQ Competition

As always, we must thank our sponsors for our two Green Mountain Pellet Grills. Cooking on these smokers helped us gain a 23rd in chicken and a 25th in ribs out of the 111 competitors, finishing 37th overall.


Vending our sauce, rub, and jam wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our 2011 sponsor, Fruita Wood. Thanks Bert!

And of course thanks to each and every one of you that came by our booth, whether you bought our sauce or not, we appreciate you just talking to us. We definitely were surprised at just how well our Jalapeno Peach Jam is performing next to our sauce. We sold almost the same amount of each so reviewers, be ready to get a sample of our jam soon!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of our products, head on over to our store here.

Celebrity Cook Off

Another thanks goes out to Michael McDearman for getting Andy into the Celebrity Cook Off. There were four teams set up, each cook was allowed to bring their own special ingredient (Andy chose Anaheim chilies) and were given 5 pounds of ground beef. Andy was then paired with Jeff Hardy of the The Hardy Boyz and James Storm Even though their team didn’t win, it was so cool to see an actual “as seen on TV” competition with four additional celebrity judges along with Ray Lampe, aka Dr. BBQ, as the host.

Courtesy of Jim Bloomfield Photography

We’d also like to thank our other sponsors: iGrill and Simply Marvelous.

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