Stagecoach 2012 Results

For the first time ever, Rooftop BBQ split into two separate teams. Just for Stagecoach Kellen and Andy competed under Rooftop BBQ while Joe and Keith competed under Basement BBQ (get it??). In addition to the two teams, the girls made up the vending team responsible for serving up the 1,500 tastings to the hungry cowboys and cowgirls.

Basement BBQ (Joe & Keith) collected a 4th in ribs and a 8th in brisket while Rooftop BBQ (Andy & Kellen) won second brisket with a tie for first in ribs (tie breaker went to El Fuego Fiasco). Both teams made it in the top ten winning 3rd and 7th place!

We vended chicken legs, pork, and ribs for the three days of Stagecoach.

Did you come by our booth? Please let us know! See y’all next year!

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