West Coast Classic 2012 Results

I must say even after having a relaxing Sunday to recover from the weekend competing in Long Beach, I am still pretty tired and sore. But it was so worth it! Our team sold 2,100 tickets of barbeque… selling a variety of food from tri tip and sausage sandwiches to tastings of pig candy and pulled pork. For most the day, we had two lines each 40 people deep!

Not only did we sell out by 5, after making three trips to the grocery store to keep up with demand (thanks Scott), the team also took home a 8th in chicken and a 4th in ribs, with an overall place of 11th out of the 38 teams.

Thanks to all who stopped by our booth to eat or to chat!

We also want to thank our sponsors: Green Mountain Grills, iGrill, and Simply Marvelous.

Make sure you check out this article from LA Weekly that features several photos of our team along with the following video:

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