Whiskey and Barbeque, Telluride Competition Results

It’s been a crazy couple weeks. Two weeks ago we got a call on Thursday night that they needed a 15th team in a Colorado competition to make it a qualifier. I made a couple quick calls and on Friday afternoon Myself and Keith were on our way to Telluride Co. 13 hrs later we arrived at our site at 6am in a fully loaded honda element. We then went and explored beautiful Telluride. You couldn’t ask for a better place to BBQ.

We entered night 2 of little to no sleep. Our trusty GMG Jim Bowie held temperature like a champ in the altitude and cold weather. We had a great cook taking 2nd in chicken, 5th in ribs and 4th in brisket, finishing 3rd overall. Then came the 3rd night along with the 13 hr drive home. But it was well worth it meeting all the great Colorado teams.

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