Nevada State Championship, Laughlin Competition Results

Had a great time in Laughlin, and it was a nice comeback after our scores at Santa Anita. We took 3 walks—6th in chicken, 12 in pork, 5th in brisket—and placed 8th overall our of 41 teams. Thanks to our sponsors Green Mountain Grills – Corporate, The iGrill FB Page, Simply Marvelous Rubs and T&H prime meats for the excellent prime brisket from Brandt Beef.

Our ribs finished 16th, two places short of getting a call.

Excitement and raising our hands for our third call of the night!


The Rooftop Team: Andy, Joe, Joey, and Kellen. Missing Keith!



2 responses

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  2. Congrats! A walk is always good, 3 is twice as good! Wait….3 times as good.

    November 15, 2012 at 5:53 pm

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