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Palm Spring West Fest

Earlier this year we competed/vended at the Palm Springs West. This was a great weekend and a nice change from the our usual contest. We got into Palm Spring early Friday morning with 6 other teams, set up our camp and started cooking and sampling to the public. On the menu was tri-tip, sausage, ribs and ABTs (atomic buffalo turds AKA jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon).

On Saturday, the competition took place. It was set up to be more of a MIM (Memphis in May) competition, 3 judges came around and sampled our food as we talked to them about it. We served the judges our best tri-tip and ribs and talked to them about how we use our own rub and sauce on everything. It was a little nerve racking but not as much as waiting for your name to be called in a KCBS competition awards ceremony. We continued to serve—selling completely out of tri-tip on Saturday.

A few hours later the judges had come back to inform us we had won! We felt very honored to win, cooking against some really great teams. That night we had a great time hanging out with the other teams talking BBQ. This was a much more relaxed atmosphere then our normal competition and made for a fun night.

Sunday we continued to sell our BBQ. We also had a really cool experience, a show called “Taste of Paradise” came by and interviewed us about our win in the competition. 

I want to take some time to thank all those that helped out over the weekend. Thanks to our friends and family for all your continued hard work. Thanks to our sponsors iGrill and Fruita Wood for giving us your support and awesome products to help us improve our BBQ. Thanks to Thom Emery for putting on this great event and thanks to the great teams we cooked next to: Pete’s Firehouse BBQ and T&J BBQ you guys were life savers.

Upcoming: Palm Springs WestFest

Palm Springs WestFest

If you missed us in Wildomar this past weekend, we will be vending our award winning BBQ in Palm Springs this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Palm Springs WestFest!

The cost of the rodeo is $10, or $5 if you just want to enter the event but not watch the rodeo. Below are the times of the event:


10 am – 10 pm WestFest with a 6 pm Rodeo performance


10 am – 10 pm WestFest with a 5 pm Rodeo performance


10 am Fiesta Charra Escaramuza Competition with a 2 pm Rodeo performance

Bogert BBQ Showdown

You can vote for Rooftop Barbeque  with every $3 3-oz. sampler (the winning team wins a Frank Bogert Memorial Rodeo Belt Buckle).

We will start serving at 10 am on Friday and Saturday.

Rooftop Rub is now on sale

Just got back from a great competition, and Rooftop Rub was a hit. I hope all of you that got your hands on some—enjoy it! We’d love to hear your comments. And for those that couldn’t make it to the competition, the 32 oz. bags of Rooftop Rub are now on sale at our online store. And remember the first person to order Rooftop Rub will also receive a free “God bless BBQ” shirt.

Rooftop BBQ Rub trials

I just got back from a weekend in Lake Havasu and sampled some great BBQ there. Congrats to Brazen BBQ and IAB 30 on GC and RGC at the Hava BBQ Competition.

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what’s going on with Rooftop Barbeque. Last weekend we did a trial on our new pork rub, along with doing some practice on our ribs. We took 6 racks of ribs and used 3 different rubs; our normal commercial rub we’ve been using, a new commercial rub we’ve been wanting to try, and our new rub that we’ve been developing. We smoked the ribs over cherry chunks provided by our sponsor Fruita Wood Chunks. After a few hours of smoking we wrapped the ribs in foil and  tried a couple of different ingredients in the foil with them. I can’t tell you what worked best but I’ll  tell you what didn’t make the cut, it was the ambrosia sauce from Knox spices. Though it was good it wasn’t as good as what we found. If we ever change the recipe or it doesn’t do well in the next few competitions I’ll let the cat out of the bag. A couple of hours later the ribs came out and  we did a blind taste test with our families. All the ribs were great but  our new rub came out on top in the votes. So last tuesday we sent in the recipe to our co-packer and it’s being made as we speak.

In the next month be looking for rooftop rub for sale on our online store. We wanted to kick off our rub by doing a special promotion. Once we announce the launch of Rooftop Rub the first person to place their order will also receive there choice of the “God Bless BBQ” shirts. Keep checking back to be the first one to try the new rub.

A special thanks to our sponsors IGrill inc. and

Our New Sponsor-IGrill

We would like to officially announce iGrill as a sponsor of Rooftop Barbeque. We are very excited about this year and our partnership with them.The iGrill is going to be a life saver this season. The only bad thing about competition BBQ is staying up all night  keeping an eye on your pit and food temperature, and then trying to focus on turn-in’s the next day with little to no sleep. The iGrill solves this problem by sending the temperatures from two separate probes straight to my iPhone through Bluetooth. This year we will be able to sit back in the trailer and relax and still know what’s going on with our BBQ outside. In the next month we will be doing a full review of the iGrill and show  it in action with some tutorials and recipes for some great BBQ. In the meantime check out and order your own.

Our 2010 Year

The years over and the last few months have been crazy. I wanted to keep everyone up to date on our last competitions, what’s new in the world of Rooftop Barbeque, BBQ in general and a summary of our first year in BBQ. I also want to take this time to thank everyone who’s helped us through our rookie year.

The Beginning

Well I’ll start at the beginning, it’s been a little over a year since I was introduced to real BBQ. Kellen and I picked up an old small smoker from his neighbor that was giving it away led to learning the basics and cooking on a Sunday here and there. I was then given a small vertical smoker for Christmas and then it officially turned in to a hobby. We then did our first big smoke New Year’s Eve 2009 and realized how fun this “hobby” really was.

Pre Cook Spread - New Year's Eve 2009

And then it truly began when we saw an ad for a local competition in Wildomar. Joe joined our team and after winning a third in tri tip and ninth in beef ribs and we were hooked.

First Competition, Wildomar, April 2009

The Project and Big Wins

Like most hobbies it became an obsession. Then came “the project.” We recruited our friend Keith to help us build a trailer smoker, not realizing what we were getting into. We figured a few weeks of work and it would be done… nine months later it was. “Old Pete” was built out of a 255 gallon propane tank and a lot of scrap metal.

The Smoker, early stages

We finished it up a few days before our next competition “Smokin’ in Mesquite.” After a fourth in pork and winning People’s Choice, we started looking for the next competition.

Smokin' in Mesquite, Winner of People's Choice

More Practicing and More Competitions

We spent a weekend in October barbequing pulled pork and ribs for our church. In November we entered the Golden Acorn BBQ competition in Campo. Taking second in People’s Choice and learning along the way. The first weekend in December we went out to Scottsdale, AZ to compete at Get Your Pig On and took home an eighth and ninth in ribs and brisket.

Finishing the Year

Now we’ve come full circle, a year ago we cooked our first big smoke on New Year’s Eve and this New Year’s we entered the Wild West BBQ competition in Wildomar. This was a back to back competition and quite a challenge, between being down a man each night and dealing with temps dropping down to 26°. But we pulled it off and took an 11th in ribs and 12th in chicken against 50 teams, several of them were in the top 25 in the nation. We also got to sample our ‘que to our friends and locals, selling around 500 samples. We were sold out within a few hours. It was a great time meeting all the people that attended.

Coming Up in 2011

So what’s next for us in 2011? We have teamed up with two companies that will be sponsoring us for 2011, look for blogs on them in the coming weeks. The Rooftop Barbeque clothing line will continue to grow… we currently have shirts for sale and will continue to expand on those. Plans continue for a Rooftop Barbeque Rub that we plan on selling in the next few months. Competitions are planned for the next few months, including Stagecoach Music Festival, and catering jobs continue to come in.

I’d  like to take this time to thank everyone who’s helped us over the course of 2010. First I’d like to thank my wife Sam for all her hard work and support as we’ve moved into this new venture. I’d also like to thank the Rooftop team: Kellen, Joe and Keith, along with their families. We couldn’t have done it with out you; with all the work you put into competitions, catering, and practicing, along with building a beast of a smoker. I’d like to thank my family and in-laws for all the times you’ve helped me to get the things I needed to continue going down this road. Thanks to all the teams and fellow BBQ lovers who have given us advice throughout the year. And I’d like to thank God for putting this desire in my heart.

Posted by Andy Allen.

Competition: Smokin’ in Mesquite

Labor Day weekend was only our second competition of our new BBQ journey. We entered the Smoking in Mesquite competition in Mesquite, NV knowing we had to step up our game against the many great teams there. We picked up our meat from T&H Prime Meats in San Marcos on Tuesday and loaded up our 100 pounds of meat. Normally we wouldn’t order that much, but we wanted to be prepared since there was 40,000 in cash and prizes. Loaded up on Wednesday and on our way, minus a quick stop at The Hat in Ontario for some great pastrami sandwiches. A few hours later we checked into our hotel, the Casablanca, and set up our site. Arlie Bragg sets up a great event, power and water for each site, very well organized. So now we had a whole day on Thursday to relax and hang by the pool, thats the way to do a BBQ competition. Thursday night they set up a large screen to watch BBQ Pitmasters on TLC. Pretty cool experience watching the show with two of that episode’s starring teams sitting behind us, Smokin’ Triggers and Big Poppa Smokers.

Now the day of the cook. After meat inspection we started our prep, injecting our pork and brisket and rubbing them down. Put our meat on with a mix of pecan and cherry wood around 7 pm, knowing we wanted to hold them for a couple hours after cooking. After walking around we got a little nervous seeing some of the well known teams not even starting their fires until after midnight, but to each his own. Time for bed… the best thing about Smokin’ in Mesquite is having a hotel room within 100 yards. ZZZZ.

6 am: Ribs are on and Chicken is getting prepped. A little info on our chicken, we smoke a deboned thigh with the skin scraped and rewrapped around it. We still are not sure what to do with it; we’ll see how it does in our next comp. 10:30: Pork and Brisket are resting and Ribs and Chicken have been cooking for a little bit. 11:30 to 1:30: I really don’t remember, running around sleep deprived will put you in zombie mode. Turn in done.

Now for the reason I love BBQ competitions—the people. I had some left over Q and really wanted to get some feedback from the veterans. We had been talking to Jerry King from Midland, TX and I took him a piece of what we turned in, asking for his honest opinion, what he liked and didn’t like. This man knows his BBQ and gave us some great insights. We did the same with Johnny Trigg and the Rib Tickler crew and both were very helpful. Thanks guys.

The awards are now starting. Chicken no call, Ribs no call. After that we had just figured that we were the rookies and this trip would be a great learning experience regardless. Then we were called: Pork, 4th place. We couldn’t believe it and out of 48 teams. After getting our award I really didn’t even care what was going on after that. Brisket no call. Then it happened. We won Peoples’ Choice and $1,500 bucks. Wow. To tell the truth I had written off the Peoples’ Choice. Earlier we had been running low on our pork sauce and didn’t want to waste what we had on Peoples’ Choice. So on the spot we made a quick sauce, and added it to our Peoples Choice Pulled Pork. So you can guess the shock when our name was called. We had a great time that night celebrating and hanging out with the team.

After breaking down on the road home in the heat of the desert, we finally made it home late Monday night and got a great night’s sleep.

Special thanks to Arlie Braggs, April Copeland, Jerry King, Johnny Trigg, The Rib Ticker crew and our girls Sam and Lauren for doing our presentation boxes.