Chipotle Molasses BBQ Sauce

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We recently sent a bottle of our Chipotle Molasses Competition Style Sauce to Scott Roberts from, asking him to review it. I have been following Scott’s reviews for a while now and love how detailed they are, including such things as aroma and bottle design. A couple weeks ago the review was published—I couldn’t be happier! He pointed out everything I strove to create the sauce to be.

Here are some of the comments:

“A rich and sweet coalescence of tomatoes, brown sugar, molasses and onions are what I’m able to detect immediately. There is a lot of complexity at play, thanks to the mustard, honey, garlic and vanilla. I only felt a moderate teasing of smokiness yet the heat from the chipotles was quite noticeable.”

“I decided to try this out on a batch of grilled chicken, applying a generous coating of Rooftop BBQ Sauce to each side. Dear Lord, this was bone suckin’ good! Even my two boys, who at times (as kids can be) are pickier and hard-to-please as all get out, loved this stuff! When a product gets rave reviews from both children and those who prefer bolder, spicier, more complex tastes like myself, you know a sauce maker has hit paydirt!”

You can read the whole review HERE.

Since the review, the orders have been rolling in. We recently had a distributor contact us, turns out one of their clients in Germany wants to carry Rooftop BBQ Sauce.

Special thanks to Scott Roberts and everyone else who has helped us along the way of this new venture.

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