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Credit: Janice Carabine

The following is an excerpt from an article written on about the event…

To many grill masters in attendance, the event was serious business.

Wildomar resident Keith Henson, along with Joe Angelone of Menifee, and Andy Allen of Lake Elsinore, competed together Saturday as the Rooftop BBQ Competition Team and Catering.

The men proudly showed off their “iGrill” to anyone interested.

“The recycled 255-gallon propane tank is hooked up to two probes, which continuously send temps to our iPhones,” said Henson, the team’s grill builder. “The grill consists of a reverse flow smoker and the “Guru System” equipped with automatic fans for increased temperatures.”

In addition to high technology, secret recipes also lured visitors to the various grilling stations.

Read the full article here, along with a few more photos of Rooftop’s BBQ site.

And we’d like to give a large shout out to Kellen Wagoner of Canyon Lake who was accidentally omitted from the article.

DVT Online Article on Mesquite Comp

The Rooftop Barbeque team pulls ribs from their cooker, fashioned from an old propane tank by Keith Henson, left. Other team members are Joe Angeloni, Kellen Wagoner and Andy Allen. the team, in its second competition , won People’s choice and took fourth place in the pork category of the main event. (David Bly, Desert Valley Times)

After our competition last weekend in Mesquite, Desert Valley Times posted an article summing up the competition, here’s a selection from the article about Rooftop.

Winning the People’s Choice award was the Rooftop Barbeque team from Lake Elsinore, Calif. This was the team’s second competition.

“We got third in tri-tip and ninth in beef ribs,” said team member Andy Allen of the first competition. “Ever since then we’ve been hooked.”

Their entries came out of a cooker made out of an old propane tank by Keith Henson, the newest member of the team. He’s an ironworker and a welder by trade.

“We worked on this thing diligently night after night,” said Henson. “It took a lot of grinding.”

The long black tank with the smokestack bears a strong resemblance to an old-fashioned steam locomotive, and Henson says he’s considering playing up the resemblance on the next cook he builds. He said he’ll put a rack on the end that will look like the cab to the locomotive.

While the pros are doing the competition cooking, Henson cooks for the cooks.

“I keep these guys fed while they do the cooking,” he said.

Besides winning People’s Choice, Rooftop Barbeque took fourth place in the pork category and 18th in desserts.

Read the whole article here.