Introduce our new sponsor Green Mountain Grills

We would like to formally introduce our newest sponsor Green Mountain Grills. This past August we came in contact with Green Mountain Grills and discussed a parntership with them, ever since then, we’ve been loving the GMGs.

It all started when we recently bought an enclosed trailer to work out of at our competitions and we were looking into getting some smokers that would easily  fit in the enclosed trailer. After reviewing many smokers and looking for the perfect fit for our team, we came across Green Mountain Grills through Whiskey Bent BBQ. These smokers had lots of advantages over the traditional pellet smoker. With features like a variable fan, low pellet alarm and an optional remote. We knew these smokers would help us get the sleep and rest we needed to be on our game the next morning, along with producing top notch Q. So in late August we recieved our shipment from Green Mountian Grills with one Jim Bowie and one Daniel Boone and their great premium gold blend pellets.

We had one week to do a test run before our next competition the Smokin’ in Mesquite Compeition in Nevada. I have to say it was a hot day in my backyard for that test run and I was not wanting to be out there practicing in the sun, but when that food came off the smoker it was some of the best BBQ we’ve made, very moist and the perfect amount of smoke. The next weekend we loaded up the trailer and headed to Mesquite. What a world of difference it makes at a competition when you get a good nights sleep. It was by far the most relaxing cook I’ve ever had. During awards we placed 12th in chicken and 5th in ribs against some great teams, and this was only our second time cooking on the Green Mountain Grills. And then a few weeks later we took two walks with a 10th in pork and a 10th in ribs at the Dana Point Competition.

We dont have any comps for the rest of this year but will be practicing on the GMGs and be ready to compete again in Havasu in January.

Thanks again to Green Mountain Grills and to our other sponsor iGrill. With you two, BBQ is easy, fun and relaxing

Our New Sponsor-IGrill

We would like to officially announce iGrill as a sponsor of Rooftop Barbeque. We are very excited about this year and our partnership with them.The iGrill is going to be a life saver this season. The only bad thing about competition BBQ is staying up all night  keeping an eye on your pit and food temperature, and then trying to focus on turn-in’s the next day with little to no sleep. The iGrill solves this problem by sending the temperatures from two separate probes straight to my iPhone through Bluetooth. This year we will be able to sit back in the trailer and relax and still know what’s going on with our BBQ outside. In the next month we will be doing a full review of the iGrill and show  it in action with some tutorials and recipes for some great BBQ. In the meantime check out www.igrillinc.com and order your own.