2013 Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour, Local Competition in Salt Lake City Results


We made it back from Salt Lake and have made a full recovery from the 13 hour drive home, just in time to head to Vegas for the next Sam’s Club Series.

Almost two weeks ago, we competed in the local event for the Sam’s Cub Series in Salt Lake City with hopes of making it into the top 6 spots and moving on to the regionals in Las Vegas and then hopefully the finals in Bentonville AR.

Salt Lake City was a beautiful place to BBQ, and the hospitality we received from our friends at made it that much better.

rooftop-barbeque-sams-club-series-truck rooftop-barbeque-sams-club-series-car

We made the trip in Joe’s new Toyota Hybrid, stuffing it with everything we needed and ourselves. Including our new Canopy made by Allredy Canopies.


We pulled into Mapleton, UT Thursday night getting a good night’s sleep at my aunt and uncle’s house.

The next morning headed to Snider Bros. meat and got a chance to hang out with Will and Crew from Got Smoke BBQ and checked out his shop. It was the nicest butcher shops I’ve been to and the meat was such high quality that we got a couple extra racks of ribs for the competition.

We then made our way over to our friends at R&R BBQ and ate lunch at their new restaurant. It was packed, and for good reason the food and atmosphere were both great.

After lunch we met up with a few other teams and drove the short distance over to Sam’s Club. It was great meeting up with our good friend Michael McDearman from The American Grillmaster Experience and Get Fired up Foods.


We then settled in for the night cooking on 1 Jim Bowie-Green Mountain Grill borrowed from Cameron- from Bam Bam’s BBQ who’s also opening up a restaurant in the Salt Lake area.

After the smoke cleared we came away Reserve Grand Champion with a 1st in chicken, 9th in ribs, 2nd in pork and 2nd in brisket. We were honored to cook against the great teams up in Salt Lake and can’t wait to cook along some of them in the Regional Sams Club event this weekend in Vegas.

rooftop-barbeque-sams-club-series-chicken rooftop-barbeque-sams-club-series-reserve-grand


Thanks to our awesome sponsors we couldn’t have done it without your support. Green Mountain Grills, Pitmaster BBQ Sauce, Allredy Canopies, Simply Marvelous Rubs, Brandt Beef, Ary Vacmaster and iGrill.

Santa Anita BBQ 2nd Annual Winners’ Circle BBQ Championship Results


Had a great weekend at the Santa Anita BBQ 2nd Annual Winners’ Circle BBQ Championship.

We sold 1000 pieces of pig candy, 48 lbs of pork, 150 sausages and our left over competition meat.

Checking out the crazy long line.

Checking out the crazy long line.


Sam’s favorite part of the day: turning in the food voucher tickets.

To top off the weekend we placed 9th in chicken, 6th in pork and 8th overall out of 57 teams.

Brisket box before the final clean up of drippings in the box. Thanks Brandt Beef.

Brisket box before the final clean up of drippings in the box. Thanks Brandt Beef.

Here’s our chicken box. Joe Angelone is normally the chicken guru, but couldn’t make it this weekend. Our appearance suffered a little but the flavor and texture were right on. Placed 9th out of 57.




Thanks to our sponsors Green Mountain Grills. iGrill, Brandt Beef, Simply Marvelous Rubs, and VacMaster.

Upcoming Competition: Santa Anita BBQ 2nd Annual Winners’ Circle BBQ Championship


If your mouth has been watering for some finger licking good BBQ, come on out to the Santa Anita Park this Saturday where Rooftop BBQ will be cooking up tons of food for the public.

I know many of you have just been waiting for pig candy all-year-long!


This is the competition that the team brought home a first in ribs, here’s hoping to win that again!


Details on the event:

Gates open Saturday, March 16 at 10:30… BBQ will start being served at 11 am in the infield of the racetrack.

You can buy tickets online here.

More information on the event including parking information can be found on the Winners’ Circle website.

All photos shown above our from the inaugural Santa Anita event last March.

Shorty’s Rib Fest 2013


Going in to a first annual event, we normally expect minimal crowds but Shorty’s Rib Fest broke that expectation—blew it out of the water actually.

Gates opened at noon and there was a line in front of our booth by 12:15. Our 3 smokers were filled to capacity and by 2 we had sold out, reloaded the smokers and announced that we would have more ribs at 5:30. At 4:30, a lengthy line developed and within 20 minutes we were sold out for the night.

Below are a few photos from the event, no photos of our smoky sweet and tender ribs as they were out of our hands too fast!



Thanks to Dawn Raimi for such a nice review on the Shorty’s Rib Fest Facebook page:

For fall off the bone tasty ribs go to Rooftops…….the place with “pig candy” which is also DELICIOUS!!!!! ….The only place worth going to for us!!!




Many and sincere thanks to our team moms who worked so hard serving up our ‘que!

Thanks to our sponsors Green Mountain Grills – Corporate, The iGrill FB Page, and Simply Marvelous Rubs.

Upcoming Competition: Shorty’s Rib Fest


After having almost 2 whole months off from competitions, the team is gearing up for a competition this weekend in Cathedral City, near Palm Springs, Shorty’s Rib Fest!


We will be serving up pig candy and ribs all day Saturday so please come out and join us!

You can purchase tickets here.

Click for directions.

Closing out 2012, Looking Forward to 2013


We’ve finished our 2012 season and had a great start to our 2013 season. Finishing 10th in chicken and second in brisket at the New Years lake Elsinore competition.

We have a lot in store for 2013 and will be releasing some exciting news very soon.

Here’s a list of event we plan to be at this year…

Mesa, AZ: 02/16/2013

Arcadia, CA: 03/16/2013

Salt Lake City, UT: 04/06/2013

Las Vegas, NV: 04/20/2013

Stagecoach Music Fest: 04/25-28/2013

Long Beach, CA: 05/11/2013

North Bend, OR: 05/26/2013

Temecula, CA: 06/22/2013

Big Bear Lake, CA: 07/28/2013

Vista, CA: 08/03/2013

Reno, NV: 09/1-2/2013

Selah, WA: 09/07/2013

Telluride, CO: 09/22/2013

Dana Point, CA: 10/05/2013

Bentonville, AR: 10/19/2013

Plus the 2 Laughlin and Vegas events which haven’t been announced yet.

Thank you to all our sponsors we’ve had this year. Please take a chance and support these great companies: Green Mountain Grills, Simply Marvelous, and iGrill.

Upcoming Competition: Wild Wild West BBQ Championship, New Years Eve and Day


Do you have plans this coming Monday and Tuesday? We will be bringing in the new year with two full days of BBQ!

Join us at the Elsinore Boat Launch, Monday, December 31 or Tuesday January 1 from 11am-5pm to sample BBQ tastings or buy Rooftop BBQ sauce and Jalapeno Peach Jam!

32040 Riverside Drive
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Nevada State Championship, Laughlin Competition Results

Had a great time in Laughlin, and it was a nice comeback after our scores at Santa Anita. We took 3 walks—6th in chicken, 12 in pork, 5th in brisket—and placed 8th overall our of 41 teams. Thanks to our sponsors Green Mountain Grills – Corporate, The iGrill FB Page, Simply Marvelous Rubs and T&H prime meats for the excellent prime brisket from Brandt Beef.

Our ribs finished 16th, two places short of getting a call.

Excitement and raising our hands for our third call of the night!


The Rooftop Team: Andy, Joe, Joey, and Kellen. Missing Keith!



Upcoming Competition: Santa Anita Park October 2012

For the second time this year, Rooftop BBQ will be competing and vending their award winning ‘que at the Santa Anita Park.

This Saturday, we will be serving up pig candy, sausage, and the four competition meats (chicken, ribs, pork, brisket).

Gates open at 10:30 for the races and we will start serving around 11.

It’s only $5 to get in to the races and into the infield for the barbeque competition! Come hungry!

To pre purchase tickets, go here.

See photos from our last Santa Anita event here.

Dana Point 2012 Results

This past weekend we cooked another great comp in Dana Point. With these locations as BBQ competitions we are definitely getting spoiled. We had a great cook and had fun also vending finishing 3rd in brisket out 76 teams. Thank you to our sponsors Green Mountain Grills, iGrill and Simply Marvelous Rubs. Also a special thanks to all our Friends and Family for your help, especially my Cousins Derek and Demie coming all the way out from Arizona to help