Rooftop BBQ Sauce-Reviews


  • Dear Lord, this was bone suckin’ good! Even my two boys, who at times (as kids can be) are pickier and hard-to-please as all get out, loved this stuff! When a product gets rave reviews from both children and those who prefer bolder, spicier, more complex tastes like myself, you know a sauce maker has hit paydirt! Scott Roberts Web- Full Review

  • “We got Reserve Grand Champion this past weekend, placing 4th in Chicken, and 3rd in Ribs and Brisket. I used your product in every catagory with nice results. We just wanted to say thanks!”- Eddie, TX

  • “Your Rub and Sauce is DA BOMB!!! OUTSTANDING”- Lionel, CA

  • “Tried your sauce today… new #1 in my book!’ -Jerry, CA

  • “I used your sauce in a test cook today, I liked the flavor profile it provided. :)”- Hogs Gone Wild BBQ Team, FL

  • “My husband and I discovered you all at the wildomar BBQ comp. last year and loved it! We are now enjoying our 1/2 gallon of sauce all the way out here in Virginia! My husband is a BBQ lover and has said several times now, “this is the best I’ve ever had.” we LOVE Rooftop!!! Only wish we could get your stuff every day 🙂 and we thought you should know”- Kelsey, VA

  • “This is some awesome sauce, I finally got to try it out yesterday and it was a hit with the whole group!”- Andrew, CA

  • “My dinner was chicken breast sandwich slathered in your sauce. IT ROCKS yum”-Krista, CA

  • “This is some great sauce. We used it on ribs last weekend for a catering and it was awesome. You won’t be disappointed.”- Tom, AZ

  • “The BBQ sauce is awesome!! Love it! Just enough kick to it”- Kathy, CA
  • “I have had so many compliments on your sauce, keep up the good work!” -Barbecue Junction, CA

  • “Best BBQ Sauce EVER! =)” -Michiyo, CA
  • “This BBQ sauce is a great success. My Husband declared it the best he’s ever tasted.  We grilled 5 lbs of chicken thighs, 2 lbs of breasts.  I’m gonna have to get some more. Sooo freaking good.”- Rika, TX
  • “I do a lot of grilling and like to have a few barbecue sauces in my fridge at any one time. But after tasting Rooftop I don’t need to mess with the others. This stuff is awesome. It has a great blend of sweet and sassy. You almost want to forget the meat and just lick the sauce. Also, you don’t need to use as much because the sauce stays on the meat. With most sauces half the contents end up on the coals because it all runs off the meat. Not Rooftop. It’s so thick that you practically have to use a knife to get it out of the bottle. All-in-all, this is the best sauce I’ve ever tasted.”- Mike, CA
  • “I love BBQ–everything that’s good to BBQ, I’m there. Not quite at Meathead or Myron Mixon’s level, but over the last few years I did a taste test with about 30 different sauces, and this was the best–by far among a dozen of my friends.I get worried if I run below 6 bottles of it. I have used it on chicken, pork shoulder, ribs, butt, even burgers. I love it so much I even pour a little on the plate to do extra dipping.” Chuck, CT

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